Scheduling a meeting is not the most enjoyable task. You email someone to find a time. They respond with several alternatives. You choose one. They confirm. There is a lot of communication back and forth that happens.

But what if you could skip all that? Well, now you can, thanks to a new Gmail update.


A New Way to Plan Meetings

Gmail is launching a new feature. This tool lets you search your calendar and suggest meeting times. All of this is possible without exiting Gmail.

The feature is intended to make one-on-one meetings easier to plan. It is ideal for meetings with clients and business partners. You can even use it with colleagues whose Google calendars you cannot view.

How It Operates

You will notice a new Calendar icon next to the email send button in your Gmail. Clicking it gives you several calendar tools. One of them lets you suggest times you are free for a meeting. You can look at your calendar to find open slots. The people you email can pick a time that works for them right from the email. An email is also automatically sent with a calendar invitation.

For now, there are some limits. The feature only works for one-on-one meetings. And it only works with your primary calendar. If multiple people are on the email, the first person to pick a time gets the meeting spots.

Making Meetings Easier

This feature is a game changer for business owners. It saves time by reducing back-and-forth emails. Here is how it could change the way you do business:

  • Less Email Clutter: With fewer emails to read and respond to, your inbox will be more manageable. With less clutter, you can stay focused and organized.
  • Improved Efficiency: You can save time by suggesting meeting times in your initial email. Plus, the other person can pick a time without leaving the email. This makes the whole process faster.
  • Flexibility: The feature works even if you can’t see the other person’s Google Calendar. It’s great for scheduling meetings with customers and suppliers.

When It Can Be Obtained

This new feature is already rolling out. It is available to everyone with a Google Workspace or personal Google account. Some people are getting it first, but it should be out for everyone later in July 2023.

Improved Meetings Using Gmail 

The new Gmail update is all about easier planning. This feature helps you set up meetings faster and with less effort. It is just one more way technology is helping business owners get things done. Look for the new feature in your Gmail soon.

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